Step 2-Choosing A Domain Keyword

Choosing A Domain Keyword

Golden rule:

  • Global Monthly Search Volume greater than 2000.(GMSV > 2000)
  • Average PR of Top 10 lesser than 1.5

Create something unique keyword that can lure or bait the buyer into making a buying decision and not just act as a visitor. The Keyword is the crucial step to be taken into as one of the most important steps when you want to promote your product or a product belonged to someone else. Your product creation should be relevant to your domain name or URL.

Let’s take an example, if you are promoting diet products, your keyword should be like,,, and so on.

You can see the keyword can be long tail keywords and not a necessary short in phrases. This is a good way not to compete too fiercely with today intense competition, whereby one or two keywords already occupied or dominated the Search Engines. Sample here is a list of keywords that are widely used: Make Money, make money online, Weight loss, network marketing, business opportunity, health, blogging, Web hosting, home-based business, Internet Marketing, Work at home, Work from home..etc

Choosing Secondary Keywords(LSI)


3 articles – Min 400 words . Because of Search engines Algorithm changed, punished numerous article directory sites (such as EzineArticles. com, suite101. com, ( Google really hates Article Marketing as part of an SEO strategy?)

First Article ( Day 1)

  • Title: SK (Once)
  • Body: SK (Three times) + 2 LSI Keywords (Twice)

Second Article (Day 3)

  • Title: No SK + LSI (Once)
  • Body: LSI (Three times) + 2 LSI keywords (Twice)

First Article ( Day 5)

  • Title: SK (Once)
  • Body: SK (Three times) + 2 LSI Keywords (Twice)


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