Step 3-Content Creation

[shareload image=”” atext=””]Golden Rule: 3 articles – Min 400 words:
First Article ( Day 1)
• Title: Single Keyword, SK (Once)
• Body: SK (Three times) + 2 LSI Keywords (Twice)
Second Article ( Day 3)
Title: No SK + LSI (Once)
• Body: LSI (Three times) + 2 LSI keywords (Twice)
Third Article ( Day 5)
Title: SK (Once)
• Body: SK (Three times) + 2 LSI Keywords (Twice)

Get Articles Content Sites:

Elance –

Odesk –


99 Cent ( I got 50 articles done for $240 odd. They are of pretty good quality from what I’ve seen so far and for $4.80 or so an article, you can’t go wrong.)

The only downfall is they take about 10-12 working days to get the articles back to you (but if you had one writer doing that, it would probably take you a month or so).
I would like to recommend you a CHEAP, quality and unique content with a really affordable price. Click here to learn more!


Personal Note: The Ugly Side Of An Automation Software. One of the ways to pull content from YouTube site is WP Cash Bot. Actually, there are few similar plugins like WP Cash Bot such as AutoTubePress.

One of the plugins I used before was “Push Cash Button” .This plugin not only pulls contents from Youtube, also from RSS feed plus Article Base directory.

However, I don’t recommend them as I know Search Engines hates such “Auto” blogging platform unless you do huge content’s modification to make your blog look unique and useful to the visitors.

Until now, I am still searching and finding one automation plugin that can really help improve your blog page rank naturally.

I have been to Warrior Forum for learning to build  backlinks and found plugins that are building thousands per day won’t get all backlinks to your website be indexed by SE. Maybe few from thousands. So, why still wasting time on such?

Hence, it seems building link manually is the best choice, you can bet.
Just my 2 cents opinion.