Wepower ICO – Hard Cap WPR Token Supply Individual caps As Well Pre-Sale Results

Wepower ICO – Hard cap, WPR Token Supply, Individual caps As Well Pre-Sale Results (Demand more than supply)

The token sale starts on February 1 12:00 UTC for whitelisted participants

Having spent many years in the energy market we know that our ambitious goal to make a difference in the energy market would not be possible without the necessary support by the recognized organizations. The energy market is dominated by established energy companies. Only with strong partners we can open their doors and offer partnerships that can both benefit them and the community. Moreover, support of strong partners can assemble the necessary green capital to finance renewable energy projects facing capital issues today. The private pre-sale was crucial from a long-term perspective to facilitate WePower business model adoption.

27 Jan 2018

Pre-sale results, token supply, hard cap and individual caps

We have closed our pre-sale with $30 million USD raised from a number of strategically important partners including such well-known names as Galaxy Investment PartnersDNA FundBlockchainILLDJ CapitalScienceOGroup / Kryptsu, PrimeBlock CapitalAlgoLedgeConnect CapitalEverblue Capital.

When WePower was founded our focus was strongly concentrated on Europe. However, as you may know in December we were admitted to the Startupbootcamp accelerator’s energy program in Australia. The initial project was budgeted for the first 3 years of operations in Europe alone. This is why we have decided to raise our hard cap from 35 million USD to 40 million USD with 10 million USD reserved to the whitelisted contributors. 

0.125 USD/WPR
We have set the final token supply and pricing. The total token supply is fixed at 746,403,007.29 WPR with 80,000,000 dedicated to the main public sale. The exchange rate has been changed from 1 ETH – 4000 WPR tokens to 1 ETH – 8000 WPR tokens and the token price has been set to 0.125 USD/WPR.

0.2 ETH
In order to fairly accommodate all whitelisted contributors to the public token sale, we are introducing a 0.2 ETH contribution cap for the first 5 hours of the token sale. After this time expires all unused tokens will be placed into a general pool with an open access for all whitelisted users.


27 Jan 2018

Dear Community,

WePower has always been the company that is focused on the long-term as opposed to quick immediate gains.

Yesterday we have released an announcement about the token supply and individual caps. We have received many concerns since about the individual cap amount, which we want to address today together alongside the broader context.

In the course of our token sale campaign, which has started in September 2017, we could have hardly expected such phenomenal community growth as it has been over the last few months. Looking at the growing number of whitelisted people and listening to our community’s requests, we have closed the whitelisting at a fixed number of 50,000 whitelisted contributors. Despite the closed whitelisting our community growth speed persisted.

The closure of whitelisting by itself did not mean that everyone who has been whitelisted would be able to participate in the token sale on equal terms. It was very likely that a single contributor could simply buy out most of the token supply just by bidding up the gas rate. We have introduced individual caps in order to mitigate this risk and have fair conditions for all whitelisted people. We did not want to leave anybody behind.

We have set these individual caps to be limited only to the first 5 hours of the token sale. After this timeframe expires, all whitelisted people will be able to buy the unsold token balance without any individual caps based on “first come-first serve” basis. We believe that this model provides an opportunity for both people with smaller and higher amount of capital to participate in the token sale. We know from the previously held ICOs in the market that not all whitelisted people claim their individual allocations. This is why we are confident that there will be an opportunity for large contributions as well. WePower team will be sharing live updates on the progress through the first 5 hours to keep you informed.

We are very aware that the 0.2 ETH individual caps were below most of your expectations. However, with such big community, there was no other way to accommodate you all. Even if 100% of the token sale tokens were sold during the public sale, the individual caps would have been set to 0.8 ETH ($800 USD). From your comments on our Telegram channel after the announcement, we see that even this sum would not have met your expectations. This is the reason why we have structured our token sale not around the individual caps per se but rather around a system that would at first create an equal opportunity for all and then a few hours after would turn into an open market. It is not about the caps, it is about the fairness.

We knew that a big and strong community will be a key driver of our push towards a greener future but we also knew that the strength of this community will be defined by its members’ commitment to the cause, not their wealth or interest in a quick buck. The 0.2 ETH does not represent an investment opportunity, it represents a contribution opportunity to a mission that we all have set out to achieve. This amount is equal for all of the community members with fair conditions to participate. We do understand that it is very different from a typical quick reward and gas wars fuelled ICO process common in the industry. But we also believe that fairness stands higher than the immediate returns.

The other strong concern was the 30 million presale round, which we ran as it was announced with the public pre-sale results. During the public pre-sale, which was closed in October 2017, we have sold tokens for 3 million USD at 1 ETH — 270 USD rate. Today the ETH raised in the public pre-sale is worth more than 11 million USD. During the private sale, we have sold tokens for additional 19 million USD and only for strategic partners.

Having spent many years in the energy market we know that our ambitious goal to make a difference in the energy market would not be possible without the necessary support by the recognized organizations. The energy market is dominated by established energy companies. Only with strong partners we can open their doors and offer partnerships that can both benefit them and the community. Moreover, support of strong partners can assemble the necessary green capital to finance renewable energy projects facing capital issues today. The private pre-sale was crucial from a long-term perspective to facilitate WePower business model adoption.

During the private pre-sale, we have carefully selected our partners. The contributors to the private pre-sale can be distributed to 3 groups:

  • People from the energy market that can help develop the WePowerplatform and help business to expand by bringing renewable energy producers and partnerships with energy companies.
  • The regular and well-known venture, private equity and crypto investors who have an extensive network and will focus on bringing more capital to the WePower platform, which is necessary to finance renewable energy projects.
  • Thought leaders both in the real and digital world who will spread the idea and mission of WePower to ensure expansion and stability of WePower tokens.

Only together with strong partners and big community, we can bring the green revolution on a meaningful scale. When it comes to the energy business, scale really does matter.

In order to answer your questions, we are organizing our Ask Me Anything (AMA) event tomorrow at 11 AM (UTC) via our Facebook page.


Wepower telegram

Approximate more than 50K Investors joined Wepower telegram.


Investors commented on Telegram: 

Thank you for all the Wepower investors’ input on the Telegram. I learn a lot from your fantastic and valuable feedback.

Just to list a few here…

Zuhairi Mior:
0.2 is a joke. If everyone contributes, there will be no tokens left after 5 hours. And also, for the people saying buy it on the exchange. Who will be selling the token on the exchange? Majority of the people only have 0.2, doubt there is gonna dump. So is the so-called private investor gonna sell their tokens? If yes then WPR made a bad decision to let them invest cause it’ll show that they are not believing in the project.

0,2 ETH !! Really !!… that’s not an investment anymore, that’s a donation. And I know better good causes for that. Wonder how your pre-sale would have gone if you had a 0,2 ETH cap for your private pre-sale. Very disappointed

wait so let me get this right
They sold 90% too big investors (average contribution 550Eth each) in a private sale after pre-ICO and before crowd safe. Only 10% left for 50,000 white-listers.

Jemuel Arose:
240,000,000 WPR were sold to a handful of investors at half the price. Only 80,000,000 WPR are being sold for a total of which you can grab a paltry 1600 (.2 Eth).

Jemuel Arose:
The sale will be over in the first five hours as 1600wpr tokens times 50000 whitelisted buyers = 80,000,000wpr. There will be nothing left. A few whales already own this ‘decentralized’ platform.

Ryan Hand:
Not sure why people are saying the whales will be pissed off, instead of being an ICO for $40m with no caps at 12pm, it becomes an ICO for $30m at 5pm in which the wales will take most of what’s left. The 0.2ETH cap means a maximum investment between 12-5 of $10m (based on 50k people)

So including the pre-sale and private sale, overall investment will be $70m, only $10m of which would have come from “normal people”, that’s only 14%

WePower clearly still favor the largest investors

Just remember guys they sold 90% off all the tokens in the presale to whales and private businesses with a 40% bonus

Tomas Sedlacek(An Investment helped in Answering why US residents not accepted to participate) :
According to US federal law you have to be accredited US investor for investing in any ICO. If any ICO will accept American citizen they can have legal issue with the USA… that is too big market to mess up with

Devin AmaZeed(Wepower Admin):
Due to legal uncertainty regarding token sales in the US as well as different qualification of securities than in Europe, we have decided not to allow US citizens to buy tokens.

Edis Hilvi:
Whales start to count their profit, while us your real community which help you grow in social media only get 0.2 Eth?? We’re really fucked up 😤😤

Robert Campbell:
The 0.2 ETH 5hr cap is a fantastic gesture of fairness from WePower and will (i believe) make this the first ICO that’s not been about greed. I’ve missed out on 3 x ICO’s, (despite committing high GAS) due to the frenzy created by huge numbers of whitelisted accounts & high individual caps, meaning around only 10% got in. It leaves a bad taste and I won’t buy their tokens when they hit exchanges out of principle because of that experience. So hopefully when WePower hits the exchanges, people remember 1. It’s a great product & 2. They genuinely care and have done the right thing. cheers

Vivek Kumar:
0.2 ETH for first 5 hrs was a brilliant decision for the community. And I guess with 10M tokens left for the sale, every whitelist person gets an equal share. Good luck trying after the 5 hrs. Even with all the negativity here I’m sure the tokens would be sold out within the 5 hr window.

Kevin Blenkhorn:
Fuck you guys are fools…Wepower for all??? a small few will hold %90 of the tokens and 50k will hold %10.. who do you think will get fucked when those few that hold %90 decide its time to bale??

“Whales can have as much as they want but let’s give other smaller investors chance too”I couldn’t thank you enough Wepower team. 😍😍😍

WePower is 4 all, plz understand the prefix We. Individual cap! Well, thought – Kudos. Rich people, there are too many ICO’s in line, plz invest there, don’t complain about 0.2 allotments. Plz respect WePower, plz respect oneself. They/We are the one, implementing Blockchain in the True sense. Respect All don’t Complain. Thnks

They will sell out in first 5 hours. And even if they didn’t there will be gas war after those 5 hours so be prepared to spend at least 3 ETH for gas fees if you want to buy

Ashley David:
come now it is very small only $200,, nothing really in the scene of thing. But better something than nothing and we all get a chance to have some.

Ash R:
I’m totally for the 0.2ETH and community support. I’m even more into the renewable energy and saving the Planet aspect. But I don’t know if I can participate since I don’t know if I’ve been whitelisted.

Wepower Team

Devin AmaZeed:
Feb 1, 12:00 UTC. The tokens will be released immediately but locked for two weeks. Exchange information will come later. 0.2 ETH limit for the first five hours. 0.125 USD / WPR.

Devin AmaZeed:
WePower co-founders are doing an AMA tomorrow to address the concerns. Join our co-founders on LIVE AMA event on Sunday, 28th of January and ask them anything. See you soon!

Devin AmaZeed:
The token sale will end on February 14, or when the hard cap is reached. The tokens will be sent to you immediately but locked for 2 weeks. Exchange information cannot be disclosed yet, the team is working with multiple exchanges. More information will be provided after the token sale.

Devin AmaZeed:
The token sale starts on February 1 12:00 UTC for whitelisted participants.


February 01, 2018 – 12:00 UTC/GMT – 12:00

The start time in various time zones is as follows:

Pacific Time, PT – 4 am

Mountain Time, MT – 5 am

Central Time, CT – 6 am

Eastern Time, ET – 7 am

India Standard Time, IST – 5.30 pm

Indochina Time, ICT – 7 pm

Hong Kong/China/Singapore/Malaysia/Philippine Time  – 8 pm

Australian Eastern Time, AET* – 11 pm

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