Step3-Setup Domain On Kloxo Panel

Domain Setup On Kloxo Panel

From my previous post, login to  http://yourIPaddress:7777/

You’ll be arrived at the following screen.

Just click proceed anyway and login.

At first, add DNS template

Add DNS Template:

DNS Sample:

You decide either add reseller or clients to suite your need.

In this tutorial, I assumed you manage all your domains in one place. So, you can manage all those domains in Kloxo Admin panel.

Click on domain to add a domain. eg. yourdomain.com without www / http. As you can see besides the domains, you can as well add a subdomain too.


After added domain , scroll down to bottom (You can also click on domain on left menu)

That’s completed the tutorial of add on domain.


Note: For a reason, I prefer to use clients for any domain. Why? Read on…..

1) Select clients on the left menu

2) Click Add Customer

3) Install Cients – WP

4) Goto domain through File Manager. This is exactly where you are going to upload wordpress zipped file or others.

5) Bingo! You can see your domain inside Public_html

Hence, you will not have any problem of uploading anything into Public_html where your domain resided.

That’s the reason why I always go to clients for add on a domain 🙂


Few steps need to be taken during the installation of Kloxo panel (First time).

1. Check and update Lxguard

2. Mail server setting



Proceed to Step 4 

Setup WordPress On Your Domain Through Kloxo Panel Or FTP

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