Step2-Install Kloxo On HyperVM Control Panel

Auto Install Kloxo| HyperVM Control Panel | CentOS

Login to your HyperVM Control Panel

Or login at:


Next screen appeared

Click on rebuild to install OStemplates for Kloxo.

Kloxo ostemplate

Select OS template KLOXO-CENTOS-16MB-RAM 

That’s it. Simple, right?

Again, as soon as kloxo is installed, you can connect to Server Access Page and you will be presented with a login screen. 

Login as admin with password admin and once you are in, Kloxo will ask you to change the default password to a secure one.
Secured connection: [ https://yourIPaddress:7777/ ]
Standard connection: [ http://yourIPaddress:7778/ ]

HyperVM Control Panel: http://manage.bluevm.com:8888/login


Proceed to Step 3 – 

Setup Domain On Kloxo Panel


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