Password Security In WordPress

First things first, you should do everything you can to make WordPress more secure. The Better WP Security plugin will let you do all of these things quickly and easily. Weíve hired the developer, Chris Wiegman, and are rolling that plugin into an updated version that will be out soon.

1. Donít Use Admin Username
Weíve hammered on this before, but do not ever use ďadminĒ as your username. If thatís your username, change it. Change it now!

2. Hide Your Login Screen
Another tip to shut down the hackers and bots is to hide your login screen. You can give the page a unique URL and keep the bad element from even getting to it.

3. Limit Login Attempts
This might not stop hackers from cracking your password, but it will stop bots from hitting your login page with multiple attempts. Lock it down.

4. Require Strong Passwords
WordPress password security requires you and every other user to have a strong password, because the person(s) who doesnít becomes the weakest link for hackers to access the entire WordPress platform not just that persons site. So do your part to create as strong a password as you can. Here are some tips to help you:

* Use Different Passwords Ė Always use a different password on different sites. Lazy people use the same password all the time. Itís easy for you, but all it takes is one breach and ever single one of your logins are at risk of being hacked and compromised. Oops. One way do this so that you can remember the password is to create a base password with something different for every website. You can create a pattern so that you wonít forget what that add on is. For example, you might add the last three letters of the site name to the end of your base.

* Never Be Predictable Ė Never use anything thatís predictable. You are actually likely to be far more predictable than you ever imagined. For example, do you follow suggestions, made in articles or on websites about how to create a strong password? Youíve just become predictable. Do you think you are sneaky changing letters for numbers? Youíve just become predictable. See itís that easy.

* Use Passwords That Are Long Ė Long passwords are stronger. Of course, there is no need to go Ďnutsí about it, but 8 characters are the shortest your password should be.

* Never Use Words or Phrases - Just donít use an actual phrase or word, even when itís not a proper English word. These hackers search real world text and can break just about any password thatís simply a word or phrase.

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