How To Use A Password Service To Protect Your WordPress Site From Security Breech

The solution to WordPress password security is to take advantage of one of the password services that will generate up to 50 characters of random gibberish. Then it will memorize that password for you so you donít have to. Each website will have a new and unique password generated for it.

So how does the password service keeps all these preposterous passwords secure? Easy! You have a master password for the service. This must be something that you are going to be able to remember. It will keep all of the other passwords safe and secure. Even if itís stolen by hackers, to access all of your passwords they would need your master password.

It may seem like a complicated security approach, but it does work. It certainly is a solid method to keep your WordPress site safe, along with the rest of your digital life.

Here are some tips to get the most from your password service:

#1 Have a Good Master Password - The strength of your master password is key. This must be a strong password. It should follow all the criteria that makes a strong password and you will likely need to spend time memorizing it, but it should be one of the few passwords youíll ever have to remember again.

#2 Passwords That You Will Need to Type - Your master password is not the only password you will have to memorize. A password service doesnít work on some passwords. This means even with your password service there are handful of passwords that you will still have to remember. Make sure that they are good ones! Thankfully, by using a password service the number of passwords you will have to remember in total should be way below a dozen.

#3 Remember, it Takes Time Ė When you transition from taking care of your own passwords to having a password service generate and track your passwords, you need to remember that itís going to take time. So be patient!

#4 Consider Two-Factor Authorization Ė If you really want to increase your WordPress password security you can use what is called the two factor authorization where there are two levels of authenticity, making it that much more difficult for hackers to gain access to your WordPress site.

A password service is a great way to get the strongest passwords possible and thatís good protection!

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