IUNGO ICO Will Soon Be Listed on Exchange

IUNGO ICO Will Soon Be Listed on Exchange if you want to join to make money fast!


How IUNGO actually work?

For a while now the IUNGO team has been sharing some magical combination of words like “global wifi network” and more. We believe many of you would like to know more technical details about the implementation of our global Wifi network. Our recently started cooperation with LigoWave will help a lot when it comes to utilization of the right equipment and here are some practical details about how a village in Africa or the entire city of New York is soon going to be covered by IUNGO Wifi.


In real life, there is a huge imbalance between the theoretical and practical usage of all-reaching internet. In theory, we have mobile networks, which are a great solution for many cases when you live a city life. However, it’s not as great when it comes to connecting your laptop or a tablet. Data charges and technological difficulties with the connection make it absolutely useless when you travel. And if you travel to regions that are far away from big cities, undeveloped and less urbanized territories – then what? IUNGO is the answer.

The Solution

The technology which we are going to implement around the world is – first of all – cost-effective to build and utilize. A part of the network will operate in 5,6 GHz and other frequency ranges which do not need licensing. This solution, in particular, is great, as the spread of network could be executed considerably quicker and most importantly – less expensively than mobile networks or other methods. IUNGO will also be developing and implementing new solutions, especially for those locations with a high possibility of interference.

How will it work?

For those of you who are not aware of the technicalities of PTP wireless bridges or CPE equipment, we will try to explain it in layman’s terms that everyone would understand. It is important you comprehend our vision for the IUNGO business philosophy, not only from the marketing point of view but also, and actually more importantly – the technical side.

The basic idea of how IUNGO global Wifi network will operate is this:

1. The cable with the internet is connected to a wireless bridge (PTP). Let’s say – 10 km away there is another antenna which transmits the signal from the previous one.

2. An additional link (PTMP) is connected to this second PTP wireless bridge.

3. PTMP link transmits the signal to the receiver that could be either on a big office building or a small village house. CPE units, mounted on those buildings receive the signal.

4. From the receiver, the internet is transmitted over the connected cable. Each IUNGO access point gets connected to this cable and a house, cafe or even a small village is now Wifi zone.

In very basic terms – this is how the technology will work. Of course, there are things like satellite connection in secluded geographical locations and other more or less complicated conditions for implementation of IUNGO global Wifi. That only means we will be using other ways of transmitting the connection and there is plenty of equipment for that.

IUNGO team members are now contemplating a variety of scenarios for a number of global locations. We want to start developing the network everywhere, but since basic logic says it should start from somewhere, it is going to be tough to decide the initial points. But that’s the kind of “first world problem” every company would wish to have, really!

All the benefits to both – businesses and individuals will be available when connected to any IUNGO hot-spot. We are all about convenient connectivity and best user experience matched with a variety of additional services that we will make available to users.

Date: 29 Jan 2018
Only 4 days left until the end of ICO campaign

We have only 4 days left until the end of our magical ICO campaign. Four days. And then we are literally off to commence negotiations, business development, and a technology implementation marathon. You can still buy ING tokens to support our route to victory and if you get more than 2000 tokens, we will add 10% EXTRA to your final amount. It’s worth it guys, join us and together let’s break some new ground, let’s make a dent in the universe and create a brilliant new global internet service provider where ALL OF YOU get to be its supporters.

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