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You’ll receive:

  1. Ultimate Passive Income
  2. Fit In 15
  3. Minimalist Lifestyle
  4. Goal Crusher
  5. WP Ebook Maker
  6. Google Plus Traffic
  7. 30 Ways Market Social Media
  8. Pinterest Traffic Pulsewave
  9. Snap Chat Traffic
  10. YouTube Traffic Weapon


No. Product Description Format Rights
1 Ultimate Passive Income

Step-By-Step Guide Reveals How To Create Multiple Passive Income Streams And Make Money While You Sleep…

Newbie-Friendly… No Prior Online Experience Required


E-book MRR
2 Fit In 15

“Discover The Step-By-Step System For Women To Lose Weight Safely & Effectively!”


E-book MRR
3 WP Ebook Maker

WP E-book Master is a WordPress plugin developed to enable E-book creation function on your site. It allows you the flexibility to create contents out of the posts you have already created or you can create one from scratch. Furthermore, it offers a call to action content to boost user interaction even on the produced E-book.


WP-Plugin MRR
4 Minimalist Lifestyle

“Discover The Simple Step-By-Step Plan To Getting More Out of Your Life With Less Stuff”.

You Too Can De-Clutter And Organize Your Life To Live a Life of Zen And Happiness.


E-book MRR
5 Goal Crusher

Discover The Most Effective Strategy To Crush Your New Year Resolutions And Turn Your Goals Into Reality – FAST!

I’ll Show You How To Make This Year Your MOST PHENOMENAL Year Ever


E-book MRR
6 Google Plus Traffic

Take Advantage of The Sitting Duck Known As Google+ To Drive Free Traffic With Minimal Effort!


Lead Magnet Report MRR
7 30 Ways Market Social Media

Discover 30 Methods For Marketing Anything Using The Epic Power Of Social Media!


Lead Magnet Report MRR
8 Pinterest Traffic Pulsewave

Learn The Secrets For Using Pinterest To Generate Hordes of Viewers To Any Page You Want!


Lead Magnet Report MRR
9 Snap Chat Traffic

Discover How To Use SnapChat To Easily Build Your Audience And Generate Massive Traffic!


Lead Magnet Report MRR
10 YouTube Traffic Weapon

Discover How To Use YouTube To Create Traffic Sucking Videos That Convert On Autopilot!


Lead Magnet Report MRR
11 LinkedIn Traffic Generation

Start Using The Power of LinkedIn Marketing To Easily Increase Buyer Traffic!


Lead Magnet Report MRR
12 Twitter Traffic Raceway

Tap Into A Constant Stream of Profitable Targeted Traffic Using Twitter As Your Voice!


Lead Magnet Report MRR
13 Facebook Marketing Launchpad

REVEALED: Discover The Top Methods For Generating Massive Targeted Traffic Using Facebook!


Lead Magnet Report MRR
14 Instagram Traffic Tyrant


Learn How You Can Easily Drive Loads of Hungry Buyers Using Basic Instagram Marketing!


Lead Magnet Report MRR
15 Quick Cash Traffic System

Discover How To Get Instant Traffic & Leads For Your Business With No Complicated, Confusing And Expensive Strategies! Only a Few Minutes is required to implement this traffic method!…


Videos PLR


Standard: Including Basic

  1. LinkedIn Traffic Generation
  2. Twitter Traffic Raceway
  3. Facebook Marketing Launchpad
  4. Instagram Traffic Tyrant
  5. Quick Cash Traffic System
  6. WordPress Fast Track V2
  7. Webinar Authority
  8. 24 Hour Fat Burn
  9. TLC Diet Transformation
  10. Media Traffic System


Product Description Format Rights
WordPress Fast Track V2


Discover How To Become A WordPress Site Building Expert In Just One Hour… Starting Right Now!

Step by step training, Extremely easy to follow, get started within an hour, No hassle and stress



Videos RR
Webinar Authority

ATTENTION: Coaches, Speakers, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners…

“Discover The Step-By-Step Guide On How To Prepare, Present, Host, And Execute a Successful Webinar!”

You Too Can Take Advantage of The Power of Webinars To Connect, Engage And Sell Your Products


E-book MRR
24 Hour Fat Burn

What If I Told You It Was Possible To Burn Fat 24 Hours Per Day?

Revealed! The Secrets To Mastering Your Metabolism That Will Turn You Into A Fat Burning Machine!

This is not a “fad diet” that doesn’t work, it isn’t a “dreamers plan” to lose weight. These are the REAL steps to successful weight loss through mastering your metabolism


E-book MRR
TLC Diet Transformation

Struggling With High Cholesterol And Hypertension?

“Discover The Diet Plan That Has Taken The World By Storm And Been Voted One Of The Best Diets Of 2017!”

Read On To Find Out Exactly How You Can Change Your Life By Following A Simple Diet That Anyone Can Do…With Phenomenal Results


E-book MRR
Media Traffic System

If you want to get quality buyer traffic to your website, expand your customer base and boost sales (even if you’ve never had any experience before), then this is for you.

By setting up a proper ‘Media Ads’ campaign, you can quickly drive a consistent flow of targeted visitors to any website or offer, without wasting time and money…



& Videos

Social Income Blueprint

Utilize the most popular Social Media platforms to build you brand, grow your business, generate leads & make more sales!


Effective Social Marketing holds the key to getting hordes of targeted visitors to your website, boosting your income and skyrocketing profit margins.


Videos MRR
Muscle Gain Secrets

Now You Can Pile Slabs of Rock Hard Body Muscles Onto Your Frame And Be The Ultimate Muscle Building Machine Of Your Wildest Dreams And It Doesn’t Matter If You’re New To The Trade


E-book MRR
Internet Marketing Mastery2

Turn Every Dime Into A Dollar By Having All The Aces Of Internet Marketing In Your Hand! Videos RR
New Guide To SEO

The New Guide For Getting Rankings And Hordes Of High-Quality Traffic With SEO.

Pay close attention, because today I’m going to show you a system that will take you by the hand and show you how to get first-page search engine rankings and generate as much targeted traffic as you could ever want with SEO…


E-book MRR
Social Media Income Facebook


How To Build Your Brand, Grow Your Business, Get More Leads And Get More Sales…


Videos MRR
Social Media Income Instagram

How To Build Your Brand, Grow Your Business, Get More Leads And Get More Sales…


Videos MRR
Social Media Income LinkedIn

How To Build Your Brand, Grow Your Business, Get More Leads And Get More Sales…


Videos MRR
Social Media Income Pinterest

How To Build Your Brand, Grow Your Business, Get More Leads And Get More Sales…


Videos MRR
Social Media Income YouTube

How To Build Your Brand, Grow Your Business, Get More Leads And Get More Sales…


Videos MRR
Internet Marketing Profits


If you’ve been wanting to launch a highly successful Internet Marketing campaign and make money online, then this is for you.

Today you’re about to discover the exact steps you can follow to create a thriving Internet business and get massive results…

Everything from choosing the right niche, to creating, ranking and optimizing your website, getting traffic to your offers, building your email list and more is covered in this easy step-by-step training.

So, you can substantially increase your profits and start earning a real income online.



& Videos


Premium: Including Standard

  1. Social Income Blueprint
  2. Muscle Gain Secrets
  3. Internet Marketing Mastery2
  4. New Guide To SEO
  5. Social Media Income Facebook
  6. Social Media Income Instagram
  7. Social Media Income LinkedIn
  8. Social Media Income Pinterest
  9. Social Media Income YouTube
  10. Internet Marketing Profits

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