Current ICO – Current Digital Token (CNRC) End Feb

Current’s digital token (CNRC) uniquely rewards a person’s time, money spent, and data shared during the media streaming experience. This token can be used on a broad range of products, services, and in-platform advertising.

CRNC is earned from consuming media on the Current platform. The level at which a user is able to earn CRNC depends on a variety of factors, such as, how long the user listens, the number of accounts linked to the platform, if they’d like to see display ads, etc. Once CRNC is accumulated, the user can exchange them for Premium Services, such as Spotify, directly on the platform. In the future, they’ll also be able to use them on the Consumer Ad Platform and purchase exclusive content directly from Content creators.

Current already has over 200,000 users and is backed and advised by Top-Tier group of individuals and institutions including Billionaire Mark Cuban, The Founders of Bancor, Indiana University, and more.

Due to demand for the token sale, we have had to make some changes to our dates in order to accommodate the extraordinary amount of interest we are seeing. We would love to accommodate as many as possible in a fair and equitable way and therefore are pushing back our whitelist process to no later than Feb 25.

The public sale will begin with a 45% bonus as an introductory tranche for a limited pool of CRNC for all of our early adopters. More details will be announced on the process of the sale in the coming days.

What is the total supply of CRNC? 




The base price is $0.24 USD = 1 CRNC token + bonus

  • (Public) Min contribution = 0.03Eth
  • (Private) Min contribution = 100 Eth
  • Token supply = 1 Billion
  • Token Private = 0.24$
  • Time and date – End of Feb

Let us say you have 0.24$ worth of BTC. That will allow you to contribute and receive one CRNC token as this is the price of the tokens. This is the same for Eth and for Neo.

For every 0.24$ worth of the three coins, you contribute you receive one Crnc token.

What countries are eligible to join?
We are working to finalize the list of eligible countries. I suggest registering, and we’ll be in touch with info.

United States (US) residents need to be accredited, investors. We are working on a legal and SEC compliant way to allow all USA based backers. We will announce which countries we will be accepting participation from soon.

Hints: Everyone is encouraged to register for the whitelist now. Current will announce closer to the presale date who is accepted. They are working on a solution to allow everyone to participate.

The final whitelist process closed before Feb 25

Click here to register

2 Referrals: Earn 10 CRNC
Refer 2 friends to earn 10 CRNC

5 Referrals: Earn 25 CRNC
Refer 5 friends to earn 25 CRNC

10 Referrals: Earn 50 CRNC
Refer 10 friends to earn 50 CRNC

20 Referrals: Earn 100 CRNC
Bonus unlocked with 20 referrals

40 Referrals: Earn 200 CRNC
Bonus unlocked with 40 referrals

80 Referrals: Earn 400 CRNC
Bonus unlocked with 80 referrals

Token sale base tokens go out 1 month after the token sale ends. Token sale bonus tokens are split into six and distributed on a monthly basis after that.


Click here to register NOW! 


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