Eth Scammers Alert – Beware On Telegram

Be careful of scammers active on Telegram.
Another precaution to take into account is in your email message.

Do not deal with these eth address.
The scammer got 250,000$ today
Scamming bee token ico buyers

1) ETH USD Value:$275,920.82


Eth add: 0xe336327426b8f95A5F5eB1f74144fD9065069C28


2) ETH USD Value:$558,995.86


Eth add: 0x2A6D8021861f27aB992572D8689017b7A83C989D


  • Bee token Telegram hacked
  • Scammers create a clone website ORG
  • Scammers, yet peoples are still sending more and more.

As always, check the address carefully when taking part in an ICO, this is not the first time that hackers have taken over a coin offering for their own gain, and it won’t be the last.



Below are 2 samples telegram scam: Usually they pretend like the Admin of a group.


telegram-scam-alert 2

Be remember:

  • Admin never PM you
  • Admin never asked money/Eth/bitcoin transfer