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Have you been trying to break into the online world of business and need internet advertising help? You're not alone. Although many small businesses realize the importance of the internet, they often do not take advantage of what Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines have to offer. And many people don't even know what Google Maps is all about - but this is essential if you own a brick and mortar business. Similar services exist in Bing and Yahoo too.

These are just some of the many internet advertising places. There are many other venues that you can use to promote your business, products and services:

1. Article Directories and Content Sites. Registering with Ezine Articles (and the hundreds of other article directories), Hub Pages and Squidoo is completely free. Your goal with these sites is to create informative articles about your products/services and publish them here. Doing this will earn you credibility, expert status and possibly higer ranking in the search engines once you start bringing in traffic to your site.

2. Search Engine Pay Per Click Platforms: All of the major search engines and many other search engines offer the possibility for you to advertise on their sites and some of the most sophisticated internet advertising help. It works like this. . .you place an ad based on some keywords that are relevent to your business, products or services. All of the search engines give you free tools that you can use to find the keywords that you want to target. You will bid on each keyword that you advertise and the search engines will also help you to identify what your bid should be. Once you have placed your ad, whenever anyone types in the keyword that you targeted into that search engine, your ad will come up. Where it appears depends on how high you placed your bid and how relevent your ad is to the keywords that you specified.

3. Ezine Advertising. Advertising in online magazines, called ezines, is another very effective way to get started with internet advertising. As with all of your advertising efforts, this requires some research on your part. Your goal is to find an ezine which fits your target market and advertsing budget. Don't discount ezines with small subscriber count. They may allow you to advertise for very little and often have very responsive lists.

4. Banner advertising. Placing banner advertisement on high traffic sites within your indusry is also an effective ways to bring in traffic to your own site.

5. Online Classified Ads. Many online classified sites allow you to place free advertisements within restrictions. Upgrading to become a paid member usually allows you to place more sophisticated ads more frequently than if you are a paid member.

Each of these methods offers internet advertising help in the form of written instructions, tutorials and support communities within their sites.

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