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There are great games on Facebook and there is no doubt about that but there are often too many problems in their make to be of any use to users. These are usually small scale games that are not as well coded as the ones that take the cake but their erroneous coding can be a lot of problems to people. Moreover there are many individual games out there uploaded by detached developers that have been actually reported to be harmful as well. This article is a kind of warning and a guideline to let you see through this if need be.

Where the problem starts

There are many games that are causing problems and more than a few are in the new Facebook games for 2012. They are ill-built and often harmful as they can start infinite loops that can hang the processor. To understand where to not look you need to first see a few things that set them apart.

Malfunctioning coding

This is probably the most important thing that causes the problems in this aspect. The problem remains that they are made for Adobe Flash and that is a complex system to code for. Although they may not be meaning bad, the developers leave open loops that can cause infinite ones on you r platform and hence crash the browser or worse. Facebook games for androids have this the most and they need to see that this is not happening too much.

Developer credits

The best way to root out the problem is to see the developers of the new Facebook games in 2012 and see of the developer is new or is working under a good banner or not. This might save you more than once if you take the pain to do this little research. Not just for Facebook games this is also applicable for apps that pop up on your notifications.

What to do in case of the worst?

There are a few fixed steps that you can take to save the trouble of restarting your machine in such a consequence and that include the following:


This is the step that you should go for immediately before the loop has a chance to take hold. There is a chance that if you refresh the problem will be recovered and you can get out of that page and be on your way.

Clear Cache for Flash

This is often the reason and not because of the game. In case of Facebook games on android this is the main reason for all the problems and the problem often requires you to restart the item.

Browser Change

In case of a PC or a similar station you can choose to open a new browser if the option is available to you. Little known to you if you open a new browser there is a chance that the cookies might be reset and you might be able to avert danger to a greater degree than otherwise.

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