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Facebook is right the most popular online social networking site that exists but there is another side to it that you come across everyday but you probably do not acknowledge as much as you should. There is a horde of games that you can play only on Facebook that are simple and engaging and many people actually play more games on Facebook than they talk to people or see pictures. There are many reputed companies providing these games on Facebook but as with anything else there can only be a fixed number of best games here. This article is going to tell you which Facebook games are the best and most popular among the users.

Top 8 games on Facebook

There are so many games available to play on Facebook for free that it can make your head swim but there are few out there that are played statistically more than the others. These statistics are reserved by the company itself and hence a very accurate estimate can be made as to which are the leaders in this section. They are as follows:


This is the mother of all the games on Facebook and we believe that there is probably no one out there on Facebook who has not come across it. It is a large community game where everyone can own their own farm and have it flourish as they wish through trades and games.

Word Challenge

This is one of the best Facebook games out there with real brain-work involved instead of just great and funny artwork. Mainly a Facebook game on androids this is a simple word-based game that allows you to sharpen your vocabulary as you go and have fun at it. A simple game with great art work this is worth hours of fun.

Mafia Wars

In this genre if games this is the one that started it all. It has been there constantly since the beginning of the boom of Facebook mafia wars have morphed itself with the times and is still one of the best trade and fight games. It has probably the greatest following out there right now.


Similarly one of the greats, YoVille is a simple game that allows you make a city and take care of its workings and generate money to grow.

Bejeweled Blitz

Among the new Facebook games of 2012 Bejeweled Blitz is a racer and it has grown significantly. Falling in the category of Facebook games for android it is one of the bets out there and simply a lot of fun.

Zynga Poker

It is a very realistic game from Zynga that has faced more positive reviews than any other game on Facebook.


This is a trivia based game that regularly updates its database to not repeat itself even once.

MindJolt Games

This is a bundle of games under this flag and we can vouch that almost all are superb.

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