Making Variety A Priority

One of the most important aspects of Facebook happens to be gaming as we have said and this remains to be untarnished or changed throughout the years because of the variety that they keep on presenting throughout the years through new games as well as upgrading the old ones. They have come through smaller versions of almost all the big players and have used Adobe Flash as well as special downloadable versions for other platforms such as Facebook games on android, iOS and such operating systems to keep things interesting throughout the years.

Different types of games available

Gaming has many genres when it comes to the big games but when it comes to small flash based games that we find on the sites such as Facebook there are many sub genres and types that you won’t find in the bigger versions. These are as follows:

• Strategy

These kinds of games are not really the usual strategy games that one can play in the larger versions but are more based on simple games of words or logic. The most famous are Grisham and Know-It-All which have great reviews and a large number of hits on the site. The best part is that these have a lot of replay values.

• Quick-Play

These are small games that include a small objective embedded in the game. These are great as Facebook games on android or Facebook games on iPhone or iPad but they have a simple problem that they are in reality very short. This deters many users from going through the trouble of downloading and installing.

• Social Games – Action

This is the beauty of social networking sites that you get social gaming as well. This is a lot like MMORPG where you can play against and with other players other than the AI. This is great because of the smaller premise where you can interact more and at a more personal level.

• Social Games – Strategy

Same as the Action genre there is a much more personal experience here on games such as Castle Age and the likes where you get to decide how the game is going to turn out based on how you use the resources at your disposal.

• Arcade

This is by far the most enjoyable games among Facebook games on Android and Facebook games on iPad. They are small and fun and you have to use your reflexes more than your brains to get the hang of it. Racing and small fighting games are just the tip of the iceberg here.

• Miscellaneous

This includes the hordes of games that do not fall under the previous categories where you have to think about the type they are and place them immediately. Mostly these are small games under banners such as Zynga or MindJolt where there are fun games that are strange and enjoyable at the same time.

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