Androids And What They Have To Offer

Needless to say that after Google announced their new operating system for the mobiles named Android it gave the people at Apple and Microsoft some sleepless nights because of the great utilities they had installed in the operating system itself. One of the most important aspects of Android happens to be the connection to the huge android market with so many apps out there. It is no surprise hence that many of the games out there on Facebook have a version that is compatible for the android system and that’s a good thing by any day.

The new comers

Games can be easily divided into two types when it comes to the games available on Facebook and they happen to be the stand alone games that happen to have an objective inside the game that you have to fulfill or they are social games where you have to interact with other people playing the game to get the better of them or work together. There are many games on either from that have come up in 2012 and we are going to list only the best here.

Social Games

The games that have made the best mark in the social tier as new Facebook games of 2012 are as follows:

• Kingdom Age

This is a run of the mill fantasy civilization building game that involves the social aspect to a great degree but what really sets this apart is the great graphics. Adding to the pressure of good speed while playing on Facebook such good graphics is hard to come by and we appreciate it.

• Armies of Magic

This is a more of an active form of the social gaming experience where you have to do some of the fighting to get up in the levels. It is a lot of fun and a simpler version of it can be found in the Facebook games on Android section of the site.

• Gangs of Boomtown

This is a simple mafia wars remake where it is set in a modern downtown scenario but the mechanics are more or less the same. There is simple work to be done here and you will love it overall.

The games that have had the highest hits in the stand alone genre are as follows:

• Candy Crusher

A simple and lighthearted game that works best as the stand alone and detached game that it was meant to be. Among the new games on Facebook in 2012 this is a Facebook game on android you should totally check out.

• Animal Kingdom Explorer

This is a very educational Facebook game on android that you can check out if you have a soft spot for animals. The game mechanics are not new but the narrative will give it depth and you can run through many exotic locales here in the continents of Africa and India as well. The main aim is to save animals from poachers.

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