10 Must Use Plugins To Improve Your WordPress Security

If you have a WordPress website, security should be a primary concern of yours. In many cases WordPress blots are at risk because of outdated plugins and files. These outdated files can be traced by hackers making them a prime choice. If you want to keep your blog away from the hackers make sure you are always up to date and ensure these 10 plugins are installed.

#1 Login Lockdown Ė The Login Lockdown plugin will assist you to lock attempts after a specified period of time and/or specified number of attempts to log in to your admin panel keeping your site that much more secure, because hackers canít continue to try until successful

#2 Stealth Login - The Stealth Login plugin will assist you to create custom URL addresses for login, for your registering and for your logout of WordPress.

#3 User Locker - If your goal is to stop brute-force hacking on your website, then the User Locker plugin is exactly what you need. The User Locker works on the same system as the Login Lockdown plugin. However, it is a 5-stars rated WP plugin and those who use it think highly of it.

#4 Login Encryption - Login Encrypt is another security plugin. It takes advantage of complex combinations of DES and RSA to both encrypt and secure logging into the admin panel keeping your site safer.

#5 Antivirus - Antivirus is a popular security plugin which will assist you in keeping your WordPerss blog secured against viruses, malwares, and bots.

#6 Exploit Scanner - Search the files and database of your WordPress install for any signs that your files or your WordPress database have been compromised to ruthless hackers. Even though it is another plugin that scans itís still worth trying.

#7 Block Bad Queries - This plugin attempts to block away all malicious queries attempted on your server and WordPress blog. It works in background, checking for excessively long request strings (i.e., greater than 255 chars), as well as the presence of either "eval(" or "base64" in the request URI.

#8 WP-DB Manager -This is an excellent plugin that lets you manage your WP database. You can use it rather than WordPress Backup Manager.

#9 Limit Login Attempts ĖThe Limit Login Attempts plugin blocks the internet address from making any further attempts after a specified limit of retries has been reached. This plugin makes it more difficult for a hacker to use a brute-force attack.

#10 Ask Apache Password Protect - This plugin will not mess with your WordPress database and it doesnít control WordPress but rather it uses reliable built-in security features to add numerous multiple layers of security to your WordPress blog.

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