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This is a site no one should miss or completely ignore. Many online marketers have joined this network for making money online either through their website content or buy traffic for advertising their website as well as promo products from Clickbank, Amazon, JVzoo, and CPA. 

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Select to be a publisher or an Advertiser or Both Publisher & Advertiser. I suggested select both. This because if your website rejected as a publisher, you can still have the account as an advertiser. Remember, this is one of the best advertising networks.

FAQ – Do I Need 2 Separate Accounts To Be An Advertiser And A Publisher?

No, you do not need to sign up with two different accounts to run on both the publisher side and advertiser side. Once you sign up, you will see the option to become an advertiser, a publisher, or both. When signing up as a publisher, we will review your application to see if it is a fit for the network. You will receive a response from our team within one week regarding your application.

Optional Guide For Advertisers Using Google Analytics

In order for your content boosts to accurately pass back click data to your Google Analytics, GA requires that source, medium, and name are all included in your campaigns’ tracking codes. If any of these are missing, click passback will not come through accurately. They have made setting this up easy for you by including a form where these fields can be added along with optional term and content fields. You can find this form within your boost settings under Tracking Code. Details included during campaign creation. 


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Content Recommendation Network – Drive Traffic To Your Website/CPA/Etc

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First things first, you must decide which tracker you would like to use according to your budget.

Just to list a few here:

Number Paid Tracking Tools Website
1 Voluum Link
2 Thrivetracker Link
3 iMobiTrax Link
4 CPV Lab Link
5 Prosper202 Link
6 FunnelFlux Link


Setup Plans


  1. Title
  2. Tracker
  3. Lander(Landing Page)


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2.Tracker link types:

link 1

Generate Leads 

After optin =>


Sample Advertised With MGID:

link 2 link 2(i) link 2(ii) link 2(iii) link 2(iv) link (2v)

3. Landers:


Sample Advertised With Taboola:

Landing Page:


***Special note: The advice for newer affiliates is to find an offer that has potential to scale to something big and aim and work towards at least $1,000 or more per day in revenue. It’s only when you make this a goal in your overall business strategy that you will experience a bump in your business and your profits. This tip is really useful for the Affiliate marketer.


Free Tool:

Use Google Analytics For Tracking A Campaign

Marketing Tools or Software:

Bad Traffic Sources in 2017:

By reading the following info, you’re already saving a ton of money and time!

PlentyofFish – Not affiliate friendly anymore since they got bought out by Match. You won’t be able to get anything approved.

Adult – Places like TrafficJunky. This vertical is super competitive but there’s a lot of money to be made there.

Just remember you’re up against guys with millions in the budget so you gotta get creative. I’d only advise adult if you have a big budget (10k+).

Search – Adwords / Bing are strict when it comes to affiliates. You’re also up against brand advertisers who don’t care about profit, so click prices can get crazy high. It’s still doable, but I don’t touch it anymore.

PPV – Dying. A lot of the newer operating systems are not allowing the toolbar traffic anymore. You’re advertising to an audience that has seen a thousand pop-unders already.

Good Traffic Sources

Facebook – Good if you’re doing something clean like Shopify or Teespring. You will get your account banned fast if you get shady.

Native Ads – Native ads is expensive, but if you’ve got a good budget ($3-5k) there’s a lot of potentials. Native traffic sources like MGID is good.

Mobile – Good for newbie/intermediate affiliates, but you must get aggressive for generating profitable campaign. PropellorAds and PopAds are two mobile traffic sources with good volume.

DSP or pop traffic is going to be the easiest way to get mobile campaigns profitable.


“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.”

US, UK, CA, AU etc. all convert really well, but they are expensive.

A lot of affiliates will hit their first profitable campaign in places not so saturated with competition like Latin America, Africa, or Asia.

The main reason is that you could get 50 conversions in the US for $500, or you could get 500 conversions in India. When traffic costs are lower you get a lot more data for your money so you can run far more tests.

Hence, if you’ve got a low budget, starting off in the countries with cheaper clicks is a good idea.

Protip: Translate your landing pages and ads using OneHourTranslation for international campaigns.